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Over 12 years ago I was asked one simple question that changed the course of my existence. That question was “What do you want to do want to do with your life?” Without hesitation I blurted out

"I want to help people"

Following this realization I understood it was time to get to work. I always loved massage therapy because I genuinely believed it was something I was good at. I enjoyed relieving stress and tension from my family and friends through massage during times of high stress so I chose to explore this a bit deeper to see how this passion could be turned into something that can help people on a broader scale.

The next day I researched the top schools for massage therapy in the United States and discovered The Florida College of Natural Health. FCNH stood out to me above all because of the extensive education in anatomy, unmatched hands on techniques and business courses that guided students to run a successful practice. I packed my bags and left everything I knew moving from Pittsburgh to Orlando in order to begin the following semester and start this life altering endeavor. 

My first job as a Licensed Massage Therapist was at a spa in Orlando. In the beginning I remember the excitement of feeling my dream had turned into a reality. However, after my first full year I already began to feel a plateau in my work. After thousands of Swedish massages the work began to feel terribly repetitive. It was clear something was missing, however I couldn’t quite put my finger on just what exactly it was. 

I decided to part ways with the spa to explore new environments of massage therapy in hopes of finding what I felt was lacking. During this journey I became licensed to massage in Colorado, California and Pennsylvania in addition to Florida. I was an apprentice under countless professionals across the country which assisted me tremendously to augment each area of my skillset. I have studied numerous CE courses in order to keep all four licenses active which allowed me to travel from state to state assisting the clientele that has accumulated over the years. Before I knew it I have received all of the education, experience and travel anyone in their early 20’s could ever dream of! THIS was the feeling of fulfillment I was searching for. It was without a doubt that my next step was to combine the first 8 years of practical training and create a business of my very own in the location which filled my heart and soul more than anywhere else in the world - Durango, Colorado.

Durango Movement is the culminated creation of my 12 year pursuit.

My wife and I have developed a small, yet tranquil environment to provide customized bodywork services specifically designed for the community of Durango.

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