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Alex is the best massage therapist I have ever come across.

I have had shoulder spasms in my left shoulder for many, many years. I've tried chiropractors, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, the whole gamut but I can honestly say (other than yoga) nothing has helped me more than the deep tissue massages that I have received from Alex. He is amazing at releasing any tension I have been holding anywhere in my body (and it's a lot) and ensuring that every session works towards reducing the pain I feel in my muscles from tension. As a female I'm quite picky about who I trust to provide massages and Alex has my complete trust both in his professionalism and skill.

Lindsay B. 

Denver, CO.

Nobody is doing what Alex is doing in Durango, thats for sure. 
I haven't had many massages but I have had some in various parts of the world and definitely in the Colorado (four corners area) and this was something on a completely different level. 
I had a real emotional response to the massage. Feeling all of that toxic stuff release in my body and dissipate, was absolutely insane. I started laughing uncontrollably because I just couldn't believe how Alex just worked on that spot so relentlessly, without me knowing at all that was a problem area and then me experiencing that type of eurphoric response. This guy's a master. Or going to be. 

Bottom line I highly recommend this guy to anyone. He was highly professional, really cool, took the time to get to know me and what I do. I'm an addicted rock climber and turns of this guy has knowledge in that and understands where my body is coming from. 
Keep it up Alex. I'll be back next week.

Shane S.

Pagosa Springs, CO.

Absolute witch doctor:
I'll come in dejected and painful and unsure what's wrong, or even guessing at something that ends up not being right, and he manages to give me some relief anyway. 
Truly the reason I see Alex consistently is the long-lasting effects of our sessions, even months later I'm more supple and able to handle the demands of the extreme amount of running that I do. In early February we worked an injury of mine back to 100%, but it was more like 110% since that leg is still stronger and happier on the muscle groups we worked on (and it's now almost July 1st). To me, that's what when I realized just how much benefit I've seen, and had to get here to drop a review. 
Take the time, his prices are on the low end of reasonable for what you get, and you owe it to yourself to ensure you can keep doing what you love. 
Much gratitude.

Anthony K.

The Ultra House

Durango has landed a true gem who has taken the massage industry to a new level.  Alex is by far the most profound and talented therapist I have ever encountered bringing a wealth of experience and energy to the town and to the massage table.  A water table that is!  Over the years I have suffered with lower back, neck and shoulder pain.  I have been to countless spas and had paid for high end services and never really left feeling completely relieved. None of those  can compare to the experience I had with Alex leaving me feeling pain free immediately and so relaxed.  
A master of his trade!

Fran T.

Pittsburgh, PA.

First off, Alexander's website strongly promotes massage services for athletes, and very active people. I do not fall into either of those categories. However, after a quick chat via text, he assured me he provides services to those of all activity levels and physical abilities.
The atmosphere is very relaxing. Alexander has a no-nonsense approach, and after a brief consult the session begins. One of the best things about this experience was the lack of talking. Alexander didn't talk to me--I didn't talk to him. Other than a quick "you doing okay", and "turn onto your stomach"...Alexander let my muscles lead him to where his work was needed. Kneaded? I digress...
Alexander released tension, stress, and knots from the past thirty-some years. And he did it professionally, confidently, correctly, and quietly.
I will be booking another session soon.
Jeff C.
Durango, CO.
Alex a master at his art. He will ask you where you feel the most strain, pain, issues, etc, and work on that and other areas effecting that. Things you wouldn't ever expect to change your pain, posture or personal athletic ability. 

His skill set is only outmatched by his presence, environment and personality. A true professional, words cannot express his ability. You just have to go to know, and you will never want to go anywhere else ever again, promise.
Chris T.
Durango, CO.

I have received phenomenal massages from Alexander!
Seriously, you will be blown away by his massage skills, kind heart, professionalism and awareness of the anatomy of movement.  Whether you are in pain or need to relax all of his techniques combined with his strong intuitive sense help to guide each session for you to receive exactly what you need.  His sessions have always had a way of helping me to leave feeling restored physically, mentally and spiritually.
He is gifted!

Nikki R.

Pittsburgh Center for Complimentary Health and Healing

Alex was able to go above and beyond with my massage.
He was able to understand every problem and pain I was having and found the exact treatment I needed in my massage. He was patient with me and clearly communicated to me with ease which made my whole experience peaceful and inviting. I felt that through my massage session, I was able to relax comfortably and enjoy the whole experience from start to end. The environment was  inviting, professional, and peaceful; which completely matched Alex's personality. By far the best experience I've had, and would
highly recommend anyone to book with him for a life changing experience.

Alexandra S.

Orlando, FL.

I have received several massages from Alexander over the years, as well as having the opportunity to work along side him at the award winning Pittsburgh Center for Complimentary Health and Healing, located in Pittsburgh Pa. As a massage therapist myself, to say I've been influenced by Alexander is an understatement. The level of care that he gives each client, the attention to detail, his appreciation for the human body and his desire to see it function properly are just a few of the qualities that make Alexander's work what it is. It was a sad day for his clients and colleagues alike when he decided to take his passion to Durango, CO where he plans to bring his gifts to the outdoor enthusiasts, like himself. The lessons that I received during our time together has made me a better massage therapist. There's something sacred about a client who places their own well-being in the hands of someone else; whether the intention is for mental or physical healing, it is an honor to the therapist & should always be treated as such. I learned that from Alexander. Durango has a true healer in their midst.
Consider yourself blessed to cross his path. I know I am!

Diva M.

Masaya Wellness

Would highly recommend Durango Movement to anyone having any back issues or simply someone looking for a nice, relaxing massage. Alexander was very kind, professional and knowledgeable and his space is very comfortable and relaxing. More importantly, I came in with lower back pain from an injury that had been continually resurfacing for over a month and I left his office feeling way better. It's been a week and the pain is still gone! I will definitely be returning for another massage.

Jillian W.

Pagosa Springs, CO.

I’ve been receiving massage for about 10 years, in various cities from different practitioners.
I can say, without a doubt, that Alex’s massage treatments are above and beyond anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve been to see Alex about 8 times now. Each time I leave feeling refreshed, my body loose and energized. As an active cyclist, hiker, and climber, it’s normal for me to have aches, pains, or tweaks in my muscles. Alex has an incredible way of pinpointing the location of the problem. He goes to work and gets deep in the tissue. I also love the fact that Alex is generally quiet during the sessions. Some massage therapists spend the whole time chatting, which can be distracting and detract from the experience. Alex usually only speaks when you ask him a question, or if there is something important to say. Otherwise, he is 100% focused on the massage. Aside from the incredible work he does on the body, this small but significant difference has been a game-changer for me compared to previous therapists. If you find yourself sore, fatigued, or injured, I highly recommend Alex for treatment.

Dietrich W.

Durango, CO.

Just received my first massage from Alex and WOW!!!
The space was tranquil and relaxing and Alex actually took the time to really understand what my focus/trouble areas were. He was super attentive and very knowledgeable on how to verbally and physically tend to my aching areas. Every other massage I’ve had, i over spend to let someone dump a gallon of lotion on me and heavily pet me for 60-90 minutes with no relief whatsoever. Alex went to work and truly sent me out of his room seeing immediate results and feeling release of all the tightness I carry. I will be making another appointment very soon. Guys, no need to be weird about another guy massaging you,
Alex is the man to go see!!!

Ben M.

Rey Lynn's Hair Studio

This was hands-down the best massage I’ve ever had.
Alexander’s approach was specific and tailored to my needs, where other massages I’ve had felt formulaic and ineffective. I feel so much relief from the tension in my neck and upper back, and relaxed in places I didn’t even know I was tense. It honestly felt like I even grew a couple of inches! The space was peaceful and clean, which is essential for me to fully relax. I’ve heard some of my female friends express some hesitation seeing a male massage therapist, so I just wanted to add that, as a woman, I felt completely at ease and comfortable and I would recommend Durango Movement to all my friends, male or female! Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful massage!

K. R.

Durango, CO.

Alex comes at massage like a scientist.
He knows how the body works, specifically for athletes. Walking away from this massage was like cracking out of a shell I didn't know I was in. Go see this guy if you care at all about your well being.

Aidan M.

Durango, CO.

Not just a "massage"

...this was a mind, body & soul healing experience! Thank you for giving me your Hands of God touch and energy...!

Cheryl L.

Durango, CO.

Alexander is amazing.
All of my stress melted away. He is intuitive and very gifted. I look forward to my next session with him very soon.

Nicole F.

Aurora, CO.

I am new to Durango and I was looking for a massage therapists to meet all my needs. Alex went above and beyond to help me feel my best. Absolutely best massage I have ever had! Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed.

Catherine P.

Durango, CO.

During my session I allowed all of the tension I was walking around with to dissolve. Sometimes it is harder to do that than at other times but with Alexander it is a natural by-product of his work.

Laura P.

Laura Pickens Coaching

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